Downpipes Mercedes ML400 ML450 w166

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Downpipes for Mercedes ML400 / ML450 W166 V6 3.0L M276 2012-2015 are entirely made of high-quality stainless steel by the means of the welding by TIG technique in argon medium. The two main options available are ML400 / ML450 catless downpipes and catted downpipes (downpipes with High Flow Sports Catalytic Converters).

  • Improved Exhaust Sound;
  • Improved Power;
  • Increasing the live of turbos;
  • Improved turbo and throttle response;
  • Diameter 3 inch (76 mm), wall thickness 2mm;
  • Complete high-quality EU stainless steel (304);
  • Oxygen sensor ports by standard scheme;
  • 100% “bolt-on” installation;
  • Made in Europe;

 Compatible Vehicles:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE43/GLE320/GLE400/GLE450 Coupe C292 V6 3.0L M276 2015-2020;
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE320/GLE400/GLE450/GLE43 SUV W166 V6 3.0L M276 2015-2020;
  • Mercedes-Benz ML320/ML400/ML450 W166 V6 3.0L M276 2012-2015;
  • Mercedes-Benz GL400/GL450 X166 V6 3.0L M276 2014-2020;
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS400/GLS450 X166 V6 3.0L M276 2014-2020;