Brondex company manufactures a range of exhaust system components for tuning worldwide known automobiles. We do love our work and know it in details.

We manufacture exhaust systems for cars which are specially created for sport driving and can be used in e
xtreme racing conditions, so we pay special attention to the quality. All of our products are hand-made. Our craftsmen are highly qualified and use modern welding equipment to carry out welding by TIG technique in argon medium.

Durability and quality of our products are guaranteed by application of heat-resistant superlight stainless steel grade 304 and 316 which are widely used in space industry at production of elements of spaceship engines. These grades of steel are remarkable for high content of Chromium providing formation of oxide layer at the surface of metal which imparts corrosion resistance to the steel.

The main task of Brondex company is to increase power of your car to the maximum, Brondex decat down pipes, DPF-delete kits and Sports Cats are usually installed together with ECU remapping or chip tuning of the car, therefore catless bolt-on downpipes / cat replacement pipes (decat pipes, DPF removal downpipes) are widely represented in our product line. We achieve required results by using 3D and CAD-modelling and calculating of optimal parameters individually for each car. Our constructional decisions allow not only increase exhaust volume per unit of time, but also augment torque. We take into consideration diameter of pipes, geometry parameters and other indices to let the engine to work with maximum possible power. Besides power increase Brondex production provides awesome sound to your car by lowering the resistances in exhaust system.

Another one essential benefit of our products is that all of them can be easily mounted at the standard car fastenings. So you won't have to spend extra time and money for modification. You can just install our products instead of serial elements and enjoy increased power in combination with excellent sport sound of your car.

In Brondex we take care about service level and besides the high quality products at optimal prices we provide you prompt delivery thanks to shipment of the products from our production divisions and warehouses of our dealers located in several European countries.

 Thank you for showing an interest in production of Brondex Sport Exhaust Systems.