High performance sport exhaust systems are made specially for you.

  • Best Quality – Durability and quality of the products are guaranteed by application of heat-resistant superlight stainless steel grade 304 and 316 which are widely used in space industry at production of elements of spaceship engines. These grades of steel are remarkable for high content of Chromium providing formation of oxide layer at the surface of metal which imparts corrosion resistance to the steel. 
  • We give 3 YEARS WARRANTY for all of BRONDEX® products!
  • Best Design – Required results are achieved by using 3D and CAD-modelling and calculating of optimal parameters individually for each car.  Unique constructional decisions allow not only increase exhaust volume per unit of time, but also augment torque. Not only diameter of pipes is taken into consideration, but also geometry parameters and other indices, to let the engine to work with maximum possible power. Besides power increase BRONDEX® production provides awesome sound to your car by lowering the resistances in exhaust system.*
  • Best Prices – Price is an important factor for anyone!
  • Best Choice – BRONDEX® catless downpipes, DPF-delete kits and Sports Cats are usually installed together with ECU remapping or chip tuning of the car, therefore catless bolt-on downpipes / cat replacement pipes ( decat pipes, DPF removal downpipes ) are widely represented in our product line.
  • Fast Delivery – We give accurate delivery times for our products so you know before you buy, when you should expect your item. 
  • Safe and Secure Ordering – Your security is paramount, and for this reason, we provide you with payment options, and use only industry leading vendors for processing you payment. We keep absolutely no payment details and when you order online we don't even see any details of your payment. We don't disclose any of your personal information unless it is in direct connection to the delivery of your order.
  • Product Knowledge – Brondex Motorsport has a valuable experience in vehicle industry, gained during more than 15 years. We can help you with any queries you may have either before your purchase, and after.
  • After sales support – If you have any queries or problems after you have made your purchase, we are here to help resolve any issue and try to keep any inconvenience to a minimum for you. We believe that we go further than anyone else to ensure that in the unlikely event of any post sales problems and warranty issues, these are rectified quickly and professionally.

* If you're considering any modifications to your vehicle's exhaust system, including replacement of catalytic converters, it's important to keep in mind that altering emissions-related components can have legal, warranty, and environmental implications. Additionally, ensure that any modifications you make comply with local emissions regulations and consult professionals who are knowledgeable about your specific vehicle model and the modifications you're considering.

Also in our online-shop the production of our partners is represented. Here you can find the best products for tuning of air intake system, EBC brake pads and discs, performance suspension of your car.

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