Downpipes Mercedes AMG

Downpipes for Mercedes AMG. Don't settle for stock performance when you can unleash the full potential of your Mercedes AMG with BRONDEX® downpipes. When it comes to modifying a high-performance AMG's exhaust system, one of the most popular upgrades is replacing the factory original catalytic converters with aftermarket ones. The two main options available are catless downpipes and catted downpipes (downpipes with Hight Flow Sports Catalytic Converters).

What are the benefits of the Mercedes AMG downpipes by BRONDEX®?

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque: BRONDEX® downpipes improve exhaust flow by reducing backpressure, allowing the engine to produce more power. This results in noticeable gains in horsepower and torque.
  • Improved Turbo Efficiency: Enhanced exhaust flow helps turbochargers spool up more quickly, leading to faster throttle response and reduced turbo lag, providing a more immediate and powerful acceleration.
  • Exhaust Note Improvement: BRONDEX® downpipes can significantly alter the exhaust sound, making it deeper, richer, and more aggressive. The extent of the sound change depends on whether the downpipes are catted or catless.
  • Reduced Exhaust Temperatures: Improved exhaust flow can lead to lower exhaust gas temperatures, which can benefit overall engine health and performance. This also helps in reducing heat soak and improving the longevity of engine components.
  • Weight Reduction: BRONDEX® downpipes are lighter than stock downpipes, contributing to a slight reduction in the vehicle’s overall weight, which can marginally improve handling and performance.
  • Quality and Durability: BRONDEX® uses premium materials such as stainless steel to ensure durability and resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.
  • Precision Engineering: BRONDEX® downpipes are designed to fit perfectly and optimize performance, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Model-Specific Benefits:

Mercedes-AMG GT (GT, GT S, GT C, GT R)
Power and Torque: The 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes AMG GT series benefits significantly from reduced exhaust backpressure, resulting in substantial gains in power and torque.
Sound: A deeper and more aggressive exhaust note enhances the sporty and aggressive character of the AMG GT models.
Mercedes-AMG C63 (C63, C63 S)
Power and Torque: The 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes AMG C63 models experiences noticeable improvements in performance due to better exhaust flow.
Sound: Enhanced exhaust note that makes the C63 models sound more aggressive and sporty, fitting their performance profile.
Mercedes-AMG E63 (E63, E63 S)
Power and Torque: The 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes AMG E63 models sees significant gains in power and torque with BRONDEX® E63 downpipes.
Sound: The exhaust note becomes more aggressive and sporty, complementing the luxurious yet high-performance nature of the E63.
Mercedes-AMG A45 (A45, A45 S)
Power and Torque: The 2.0L turbocharged engine in the Mercedes AMG A45 models benefits from improved exhaust flow, resulting in better performance and a more responsive throttle.
Sound: The exhaust note becomes sportier, enhancing the overall driving experience without being overly loud or intrusive for daily driving.
Mercedes-AMG G63
Power and Torque: The 4.0L V8 biturbo engine in the Mercedes G63 AMG benefits from reduced exhaust backpressure, resulting in significant improvements in performance.
Sound: A deeper, more aggressive exhaust note enhances the sporty character of the G63, making it sound as powerful as it performs. 
If you are interested in learning more about performance exhaust products for Mercedes AMG made by BRONDEX®, please contact us for more information.