BMW XM G09 secondary downpipes

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Secondary Downpipes for BMW XM G09 with 4.4i V8 M60i S68 engine are made by BRONDEX®. If you are looking to add more power to your BMW XM G09 and make it more interesting and brutal you definitely need downpipes made by BRONDEX®. With our secondary downpipes you can replace only the secondary (lower) original catalytic converters and keep the primary (upper) original catalytic converters.

No Check Engine Light!

  • Improved Exhaust Sound;
  • Improved Power;
  • Complete high-quality stainless steel (304);
  • Double-sided welding of flanges and most loaded joints;
  • Oxygen sensor ports by standard scheme;
  • “bolt-on” installation;
  • 100% OEM fit, easy to replace factory part (for models with OPF);
  • Made in Europe;
  • 3 years warranty;
  • Worldwide shipping;

Compatible Vehicles:

  • BMW XM G09 M60i 4.4 twin-turbo V8 S68 2023+